“I know everything.” She said. 

Everything? How do we define everything? Or even better let’s first look at knowing. How do we know something? By learning. How do we learn? By thinking. 

Let’s take an example: Can you order food in a restaurant? Yes, you can. You walk into the restaurant, take a look at the menu, decide what you want, tell the waiter and it’s done. How do you know this? Well, the simplest answer would be that you’ve seen others do it, at some point of time and you’ve learnt. Which means there has been some thinking involved. So since you’ve learnt this, you KNOW it. However, let’s tweak a little. Suppose you’re in China, in a chinese restaurant, where the entire menu is written in Mandarin and you do not know the language. Now, can you order?

Whatever knowledge you’ve had of ordering so far, is obviously falling short. So in a certain situation you know to order, in a certain situation, you do not. (You could of course figure a way out here, like asking someone for help, or learning Chinese, but that is not the point) The point is – in a given situation you did not ‘know’ how to order, since you had not learnt it for that particular occasion.  Conclusion: Your knowledge of something is dependent or limited to your learning.

You could of course learn to order in Chinese, this would be a good solution to the above problem. However, where is this solution coming from? Your mind. Your thinking. You’ve just though of a solution to your problem, you’ve learnt how to solve it. Conclusion: Your learning is dependent on your thinking. 

So effectively, your knowledge is dependent on your thinking. Rather, your knowledge is defined by your thinking, your ability to think. The moment we say the word define – a certain boundary comes into place. Your knowledge is DEFINED by your thinking – means there is a certain knowledge that comes inside the definition or boundary of this thinking. Which means there is still something outside it. Effectively: your knowledge is limited by your thinking. So how can one know everything?

And, more importantly: What is your thinking defined by? ….. to be contd.


One thought on “Knowing

  1. Well, I’ll add something!
    Learning always involves hit and trial. Either you try to hit, and hopefully succeed, else someone has gone through the process and has taught you how to hit it!
    The thinking of your mind comes into play when you try to hit and miss, and then analyze where to hit next!
    So, ultimately all thinking is basically hit and trial within your mind! 😀

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