” What is your maximum limit?”

My buyer asks me to quote a maximum price for an article I would write.

Maximum limit. Why would someone have a maximum limit. It is so funny to limit the ‘maximum’ of your self. It’s not that there are no maximum limits. It is highly probable to have maximum limits on things. It’s very real.

But a maximum limit on a person. WHat is the maximum a person can do….. WHat is the maximum a person is worth… How can one define that? Is there such a thing as the maximum limit then? We are talking of an individual. And when we talk of A individual we are referring to nothing else than his mind, for that is what makes him A individual, different from other people.

So you want the maximum limit on the mind? It’s capacity? It’s worth? It’s value? and the value of what it creates? Even the limit you ask for is created by the mind. And so will any other limit that might be conceived. What meaning then, does this ‘limit’ have?

The only limit is the one that we impose, since it requires thought to create a limit. Even the limits that appear to exist without our creation, are only limits since we call them so. The definition of what is a limit is a creation of our mind.


3 thoughts on “” What is your maximum limit?”

  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading this, and was gulping big time. Hopefully I was not one of these delightful people you wrote for. 🙂


  2. This was quite original, it set me to think about the values of individuals from a different perspective.
    I was wondering, can you put a minimum value to any human facet? Deciding on the other end of the limit also smacks of a pretentious attitude, if you ask me! 🙂

    • Well, the mind is the human facet from which all the other so-called facets emerge. The mind is what distinguishes us from animals — and thus it is the ‘human’ facet in us. Presumably, when one looks for a ‘minimum’, one is talking about a bare essential required for qualification. As such, in reference to your wondering, what’s is the bare minimum of the mind that is essential for a qualification as human? Answer that, and you have the minimum value of the human facet.

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