My blog sucks

I am not a good blogger. Seriously. I can barely manage to write once in a month…. Look at the last post — made in September. September! for chrissakes! I can’t just put pen to paper and begin writing my shit here. I can’t share my personal life like this. I don’t kow how other bloggers do it. Talk about their break-ups, their bitchy exs, their bitchy bosses, their bitchy workplace, their bitchy friends, relatives, neighbours…. I just don’t get it… How? For the whole world to see, and comment and gossip and bitch about. And then we complain there’s no privacy left. So unless I really have ‘something’ to talk about — something my wonderful mind has just figured out — I can’t blog.

And also, if I’m going to take the pains to put into words 1 of the 1001 thoughts running through my head at any given point of time, it can’t be the ravings of a 7 year old. Writing, is supposed to be the end product of a process of understanding. Like water that comes out of our Aquaguard (with eboiling +) at home which has three stages of filtration and purification. Not like some leaking faucet in a public bathroom. That’s another problem I got. I can just write like that. That’s like throwing up. eeeeuuuu! One has to think and figure out shit before writing it out. Not just blabber like some silly kid. So you see most of my posts are critical analyses of things that you never thought needed to be critically analysed. This is why I have no viewers. My blog sucks.

And frankly, what’s the big deal about writing sob stories of your life on your blog. (Not necessarily sob but generally complaining/aggressive/I-dont-give-a-fuck/this-world-sucks/you get the picture type stories) I don’t see the point of writing such stuff. How much are you going to complain? And at some point of time, one’s got to stop writing like a 7 years old.

I think I’ll just have to resign to the fact that my blog is not going to be popular. No one likes to read stuff that isn’t complaining/aggressive/I-dont-give-a-fuck/this-world-sucks/you get the picture type. I write stuff that can’t even be tagged. Who looks for tags like creativity or imagination or other shit I have here? I was really happy with the pornography post — people like to look for sex..but the damn thing isn’t optimized for sex. Bah!

My problem is I take this shit seriously, I think I gotta think before I write. Bah! Who wants to read that? Do we read while thinking? No! No one’s got that kind of time. I actually expect people to come to my blog and get enlightened and leave challenging comments and thought-provoking responses over which we engage in idealistic and philosophical discussion. See there— I did it again! TOO MANY BIG WORDS IN A SENTENCE !!!! Just goes to show how incorrigible (read: cannot be improved) I am.

My blog will just keep sucking.

Come to think of it, since no one’s really reading my blog, I won’t really be revealing much to the public. I could put up stuff about my love life (or lack of); my issues (nope, no lacking or slacking there) and it won’t make much of a difference. No, but see — that doesn’t change the fact that it would still amount to making it public since blogs are meant to be public. That’s another problem I got — I can’t ignore shit for what it is. Damn!!  My whole system’s screwed. To hell with it — let it suck.


5 thoughts on “My blog sucks

  1. Good that yo uhave resigned to your fate!! Good that you are not a leaky faucet in a public toilet! Good that you realize that you won’t be popular. So now you will be able to concentrate on the proper things and not on the number of hits to your blog! 🙂 Enjoy life and writing, and keep it up anyway!

  2. u know…. they say that people find pleasure in others’ pain…..
    thts the reason sob/complain/don’t give a fuck stories work here…..

    btw… nice blog..:)

    • heheheh…. I think it’s more because it makes people feel little less like losers… thanks, btw…. keep checking back..

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