Make yourself comfortable….

After my whining in ‘My blog sucks’ I have finally decided to start writing any rubbish that comes to my mind. So here is something that took place sometime back:

Well I indulged in a little “social experiment” sometime back. There are a lot of forums on the internet, as we all know. We most are quite useful — in situations where three heads could be better than one. But then there are also ‘social’ forums — where one can basically socialize and generally air ones opinions.


SO, I’m registered on (there’s a post about what that is somewhere here). And after quite sometime, I actually began to take it seriously. I had signed up for a bookray/ring sometime back and I’d recd tht book — but for certain reasons, I ended up keeping the book for much longer than I was supposed. Not very good. I actually didn’t make the time to read it. And the person who started the ray kept sending me msgs telling me to ‘make a journal entry’. And I’m like Damn! I haven’t even read it yet — what will I write? So I tell her yeah I’ve recd it and haven’t had the time to make an entry. Days go by, and I still haven’t read or made any entries and this person is getting more an more irritated wondering why I haven’t made any entry. And well, although I should be reading. I’m getting a lil irritated too — I said I would make an entry and this person isn’t worried that I’ve had her book for some time, just obsessed over the entry. So I finally decide to write whatever lil I can tell abt the book. And then I finally realize: by a journal entry, she means I’m supposed to write that I have the book. Wow!I leave my views abt it anyway, and contact this person telling them I have an tht I’ll be mailing the book across to the next person, and explaining why I wasn’t making the ‘journal entry’ albeit with a little sarcasm thrown in for good effect.


That gets me thinking — this is weird. She knows I have the book. I told her that. So why worry over me confirming the same thing again on a website? And that got me thinking some more — The purpose of the website was to set books free, let them end up with whoever and then be surprised when someone makes a journal entry telling you their reading your book. But instead it seemed that everyone was obsessed over the tiny details — not just this person, but many others on the website too. I wanted to know if other people thought the same way, so I posted my ponderings on their forum, w/o any mention of this person of course. A general wondering if we obsess over our books once they go into a ray or ring or just left somewhere.


Quite a few people responded — some didn’t care where their books went. Some did. Some used to but not anymore. Some did in certain circumstances. Cool. Then, this person appears, assuming that the entire thread was targeted towards them. SO, they try to justify themselves and essentially to provide a synopsis of the entire episode. NOW, the replies AFTER her post contain people’s own reactions after freeing the book, AND tell me whether they think I should have left a journal entry or not upon getting the book.


Now, everything written till here can be ignored. ‘Cuz this is the only important part.

1. These people ad no idea of what had transpired between me and this other person. Yet, they made it their business to tell me what they think I should have done.

2. My original post did not mention this person or the incident whatsoever. The incident might have been a trigger, but I did wonder about this everytime I was on the website. That this other person seemed to make an assumption was silly enough. Even sillier was the fact that people forgot to talk about the main content of the post and went on to advise me or her.


The content of my post was slightly disturbing. No one really wants to admit that they obsess over things. (Particularly in these developed countries where the educated think that it borders on a psychological disorder) But well, we do. On something or the other. And usually, it’s only a matter of getting things into perspective. So, quite obviously, many feel uncomfortable reading it. Yet, most are strikingly honest. There are others who don’t feel uncomfortable. Kudos to them. However, the ones who feel uncomfortable, these belong to two categories: 1. The ones that still addressed the topic, as honestly and as impartially as they could. 2. The ones who told me what I should/should not have done.

When they see a mirror, some people will want to punch it.


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