Price Theory of Love

Everything one wants has a price, that one must pay.

The intensity of your want is determined by what you will be willing to pay for it. And in that sense, this price ‘sets’ or determines the value you want has for you. It is a corollary, actually — how much you’re willing to pay will determine how much you want and consequentially how much you want will determine what you are willing to pay for it.

This price, itself, need not cause any pain or grief. It is quite natural and is in fact how it is.

This means I do not (cannot) regret the FACT of HAVING to pay a price. It is a normal and acceptable part of deserving to want.

However, just because it is a ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ part of wanting, it is NOT inconsequential or something that one can afford to ignore.I cannot (will not) allow myself to forget that I DID pay a price.It is THIS price that has brought the value that I associate with my want.

When you forget the price, you begin to ignore, ignore the value — value of your want. The want becomes inconsequential, and eventually, non-contextual, i.e. you have no reason anymore to justify the want.

This is why is is so hard to lose someone you love. Because love, demands the highest price of all values.


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