To be, or not to be, a Roark.

Could it be possible to become a Roark?

No Silly! The moment you become something other than yourself, you’ve ceased to be a Roark. So, in essence you either are a Roark, or you are not.

So what is a Roark anyway?

Aah, now that is a question! One that’s central to understanding the book, and life too. What is a Roark?

A Roark is an Idea. An Idea that refuses to die, to lose, to be lost, to be forgotten, to be negated, to be ignored, to be anything but exist in its naked, glowing, honest entirety. And it exists because it has a concrete, non-contradicting, exacting reason to exist. THAT, my friend, is a Roark.





One thought on “To be, or not to be, a Roark.

  1. I guess all of us are Roarks at some point in our lives, usually during the late teens and early twenties. Then for some reason the idealism fades as one decides to ‘be practical’ and go about life as one is expected to. I’ve bucked the trend, but then I continue to remain an aimless drifter… why is it so difficult to hit on a happy medium? Now don’t say it’s because mediums tend to be sullen by nature and discourage such overtures. 😉

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