The Sweet Sound of Noise

It isn’t the obvious items that make the loudest sounds. Not those loudspeakers during Ganeshotsav or Navratri. Not your neighbour’s TV. Not the stray dog’s howl.

The most deafening kind of sounds are the ones that come from the least expected sources. Like the sound of heavy rain, or thunder. Ever spent a weekend by the sea? The waves roar and crash inside you, throughout. Visit a waterfall and feel it drown out every single other sound. Just like wind on a mountain top that renders your ears helpless against any other sound.

These sounds don’t just deafen, for the time that you are exposed to them, they somehow make you immune to every other sensation, every other thought. It’s almost as if along with not able to hear anything, you are not able to see, touch or even feel anything else. The rain, the wind, the waves fill you, completely. Soaked in their abundance. Until you cannot take in anything else, at all. And in this moment, you feel peace.


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