My blog stats show me that this page is the most viewed (17 views so far) more than the total number of views I’ve ever had on any day. So maybe I should write something.

In sometime.

Rain check?

Okay, there’s 50 people visiting this page at the time of writing. So I guess it’s time to put up something.

I am largely a loner, unless I’m with the right kind of people. My kind of people (I actually look for that kind. It’s a rarity). Other than that, my interest in people is just about as much as that of sherlock holmes in a case. There isn’t much difference in people and problems anyway. They both need to be solved.

Language is my weapon on choice and I have honed it very carefully and with lot of effort. I put a great deal of thought into what I write. I entertain criticism when I see that the critic has put as much effort in criticising me as I have in writing.

I enjoy reading, but most books fall short of expectations these days. My blog is the only other thing that gives me immense pleasure as many times as I read it. I enjoy writing too, as evident. Mountains and Music (Dancing) are my opium. Heroine, Cocaine and Ganja. I used to paint a little. I garden these days.

I clap my hands when I’m happy. I yell when I’m angry. I cry buckets when I’m upset.

I detest ‘social work’ of any sort. Although I get great joy in working for a cause, a purpose. And I’m damn good at it too.

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs. I don’t party much, have never been to a disc or pub or bar. I have never had a ‘boyfriend’. (But i do have a nice man around now.) I was way too busy living my life. I still am, and will continue to be.

And in case you were wondering, I did click the photo that’s on the blog header. And looks even more breath-taking in real.


3 thoughts on “About

      • Would carefreegirl be very upset if I were to point out that she misspelt ‘heroin’ as well? I’m playing with fire here, I know… talk about a death wish!

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