The beautiful thing about writing is that I can do it anywhere. I can’t dance everywhere, I can’t sing everywhere. There are very few things one can do everywhere.  But writing is always a part of me, it is with me, wherever I go, whatever do, it remains with me.

I once wrote in my sleep. I typed out entire paragraphs, created a story in my dreams. Of course I couldn’t remember most of it upon awaking. Except that it was an erotic story. Soft-core Porn.

The wonderful thing about writing, about all art, is that anything can get you going. Absolutely anything. Words from a mouth or in a book. Leaves rustling on trees. Shadows of raindrops across your window that the streetlamps cast on your thigh  as you are driven in a car. A cool breeze that brings your attention to the sudden, chilly dampness of perspiration and gives you gooseflesh. A kid on a train. A walk. A jog. A song. Just. About. Anything. Endless possibilities. Absolutely everything has the potential to bring you joy – simply because you have the capacity to create it. I love that about it. You don’t have to wait for it. It sneaks up on you. Catches you unawares. In mid-flight. Like you were coursing through air, and suddenly a breeze jolts you up through the clouds, and you will now see things differently. It’s the most wonderful feeling on earth.

And once it happens, once you get going, it’s almost as if you would never stop. At times, when I write, I feel like my hands don’t move fast enough to keep up with the sheer speed of my thoughts. It’s as if they are racing with my mind. It is the most beautiful feeling because everything is so clear. I know exactly what I want to do next, and I’m going to do exactly that, because there just isn’t any other thing that could be done right now. There is no other word that could replace this one. No other way this sentence could be written. No other meaning than what this paragraph contains. And I know this. I know this, because I created this. And this is exactly what I wanted to create. This is the joy of certainty. The power of control. At this moment, when I write, I am invincible.

And so I love it. I love that this is something that I can do. That I am. That is part of me. That is with me, every day & every night. Like a drug that courses through one’s veins. Only you fuel the drug as much as the drug fuels you. To the point where you don’t know where the drug ends, and you begin.