Flying Without Wings – Westlife

This song is by an Irish band called Westlife. They didn’t get much popularity in the US, but in Ireland and UK, they’re hot stuff. They were also the first Irish band to go international. Westlife specialised in ballads. They did try pop with a song called “When you’re looking like that”. Big Mistake. But their ballads were really good. Somehow the world doesn’t seem to be ready to listen to too many ballads yet. Anyhow, this song came from their very first album, and was their third single to be released on television. (More about “singles” in music, in a later post)

The reason I like this song is that it’s the best. The best song ever written, sung and in short created. Firstly, the song has a purpose. It was written because the writer had something to say, and no better way to say it. It expresses this purpose in it’s lyrics. Secondly, the music and melody exemplify that purpose, make it joyful. The music exalts the lyrics. Thirdly, it’s sung wonderfully. The end, wherein the writer brings his purpose of writing the song to fruition, reaches a crescendo that makes the whole song complete. It’s an absolute pleasure. Ladies and gentle men, presenting Flying Without Wings, by Westlife

Everybody’s looking for that something

One thing that makes it all complete

You find it in strange places,

Places you never it could be

Some find it in the face of their children

Some find it in their lover’s eyes

Who can deny the joy it brings,

When you’ve found that special thing

You’re flying without wings.

Some find it sharing every morning

Some in the solitary nights

You find it in the words of others

A simple line can make you laugh or cry.

You find it in the deepest friendships

The kind you cherish all your life

And when you know how much that means,

You’ve found that special thing

You’re flying without wings.

So, impossible as they may seem

You’ve got to fight for every dream

‘Cause who’s to know, which one you let go,

Would’ve made you complete.

For me it’s waking up beside you

To watch the sun rise on your face

To know that I can say I love you

In any given time or place

It’s the little things that only I know

Those are the things that make you mine

And it’s like flying without wings, cause you’re my special thing

I’m flying without wings.

And you’re the place my life begins

And you’ll be where it ends,

‘Cause I’m flying without wings

And that’s the joy you bring

I’m flying without wings.