What are you made of?

There is an important ‘thing’ called ‘substance’ in a person. Substance determines what a person is made up of. If man were a product, then his Substance would be the intrinsic worth of the product. Substance forms the building block of man’s values, his choices, his relationships and his philosophy of life; because Substance determines what a person IS.

Substance cannot be borrowed, nor can it be created by flawed standards. Many people will hanker after respect, prestige, status or even money for the power that it brings them. This is an attempt can creating ‘substance’ by a flawed standard set collectively by society to maintain a flawed status quo. This status quo allows those without substance to survive on a false sense of substance that is borrowed or crafted. Neither can substance be borrowed by aspects of one’s personality like physical appearance or latent talent, simply because the existence of these aspects has no relevance to the existence of substance. Simply put, substance is NOT the effect, but the CAUSE. Substance is not created out of man’s thoughts, choices and actions, (although its existence/non-existence may be reinforced by them); but preludes his thoughts, choices and actions, i.e., it is the CAUSE, the CORE from which other aspects of his being perpetrate. Hence, as long as there is Substance in a person, this inherent worth, he does not require a borrowed sanction from anyone else for the ‘worth’ of his actions, thoughts or choices.

Substance inherently exists in a person, as a function of his rationality and selfishness, primarily selfishness. Because a truly selfish man will care about only his own survival, (and only with his rationality can he determine what survival to him is), it can be based only on his own Substance. He cannot afford to depend on, or adhere to, or give credence or accept or acknowledge in any way, any other person’s authority or power to grant him his Substance. This would violate his essence of living purely for his own survival, and his own standards of survival. One might say, therefore, that is existence of Substance in a person is a directly dependant on his selfishness.